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  1. Worship & social justice is often silently disconnected by Christians. Can we deeply commit to poverty, peace & equal rights?

  2. SC hallmark: Full, conscious, active participation in liturgical celebrations by all Christians, a right & duty by virtue of Baptism. SC 14

  3. "The liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of rhe church is directed; it is also the source from which al its power flows." SC, 10

  4. SC basics: Christ is present in bread & wine; priest who ministers sacraments; word of God proclaimed; assembly who gathers in His name.

  5. 50 today: Sacrosanctum Concilium.4 goals: energize Catholics, update church institutions, encourage Chrisitian unity, outreach to the world.

June 21 50 years ago today, Giovanni Battista Antonio Maria Montini, 65, archbishop of Milan became Pope Paul VI, assuming the task of VII Council. The Mass of Paul VI and subsequent VII documents completed the task that John XXIII began at the Council's onset. The Spirit continues to move us in ways unforeseen and takes us by surprise.

April 18 VII document Nostra aetate resonates timely post 9/11 era reason & compassion. Reconciliation serves as the agent of grace here & now.   

April 18 VII's Decree on Ecumenism made possible shared prayer like today's gathering @ Holy Cross Cathedral in Boston. May we be one. (Jn 17:21)  

April 18 Prayers 4 people, victims & town of Waco, Texas. "The grief & anguish of poor & afflicted are the grief & anguish of all Christians." GS1 

April 18 Eliminate weapons of violence, eradicate conflict & division, create new approaches of reform in a way worthy of humanity. GS 81, 

April 18 Political systems cease 2 exercise authority in interest of common good but rather in self interest of a particular faction.GS73 

April 18 Great survey of What Happened at Vatican II from the book's author John O'Malley, courtesy of Vanderbuilt University. 


    Pope: 2nd Vatican Council, work of Holy Spirit but some want to turn back the clock. §RV

  2. Wounded and finding Christ in our midst. Thank you for your prayers.

  3. Thank you Rocco. We are hurting but a strong community. Lord, make us channels of Christ's peace. Thank you for your support.


    R.I.P. to the 8 year-old girl who died in Boston's explosions, while running for the Sandy Hook kids


    Was on a train in cairo when news broke about the blasts--most people started saying prayers immediately.


    BREAKING NEWS: The Globe has confirmed that an 8-year-old boy was one of the two victims who died in the explosion.


    Re-Reading Sacrosanctum Concilium: Article 42: Vatican website translation: 42. But because it is impossible f...


    MARATHON: RT Families looking for loved ones should call 617-635-4500. Anyone with info about explosions should call 1800-494-TIPS

  9. Make us channels of peace. Hatred-love, injury-pardon, doubt-faith, despair-hope, darkness -light, sadness-joy. Pardon, consolation. Boston.

  10. Pacem in Terris: a long way from realized. Prayers 4 Boston victims & deceased, responders & heath care providers. Lord have mercy on us.

  11. A perspective, N. Korea in mind. Pope John XXIII's prophetic 'Pacem in Terris' turns 50 | National Catholic Reporter:

  12. Will bet that Cardinal Sean will continue to wear his Franciscan habit in his new role.Once a friar, always a friar.

  13. How will history be made? Pope Francis names new Vatican reform committee via

  14. Prayers and deepest condolences my friend. She fought the good fight for so long. I know she is with God and at peace.

  15. The idea that public officials R compelled 2 lay aside their humanity is quite inconceivable.Authority exists & exercised 4 common good. PT

  16. The same law of nature that governs life & conduct of individuals must regulate relations of political communities with 1 another. PTerris

  17. 2 claim rights and ignore duties or 1/2 fulfill them is like building a house with 1 hand & tearing it down with the other. Pacem in Terris

  18. 50th anniversary of Pacem in Terris: Human rights involve duty, justice & freedom to seek truth on behalf of peace for all people.John XXIII

  19. Shared In Search of Beauty on America Magazine.

  20. A reflection on Psalm 18: I love you Lord, my strength. Set some time aside today to ponder this lovely prayer.

  21. Pat was on three different SCHS campus and didn't get my text until 7pm tonight. Hope you're okay. Praying for your mom & for u.

  22. 1979: Margaret Thatcher prays for peace on Day 1 @ 10 Downing. In 1985, Mother Teresa addresses UN with the same prayer.

  23. Marginalization is the Mother of problems.Pope Francis gets his 'oxygen' from the slums | National Catholic Reporter:

  24. Christ in the world. What We Want Is the Head of the Friar: Migrants and Zeta Violence in Mexico : The New Yorker -

  25. "To wear your heart on your sleeve isn't a very good plan; you should wear it inside, where it functions best." RIP Margaret Thatcher

  26. Who can deny the invitation of children that invites an assembly into musical prayer? What are we waiting for?

  27. Christ's peace, gift of the Spirit abides in the assembly. Rory Cooney's blog Gentle Reign: Shalom: Peace be with you

  28. "A church that stays in the sacristy gets stale."Who Francis may be based on who he was | National Catholic Reporter:

  29. Before VII, Catholics were banned from Protestant churches. After VII, we conspired in fight for justice & peace & marched together 2 Selma.

  30. Superb articles on the impact of the Vatican II in this historical 50 year landmark. The Tablet on VII @

  31. “The poor are not people we help but from whom we can learn. The poor are closer to God because of their experience." Jorge Bergolio, S.J.

  32. “You must go out to the fringes of life and see what is going on. You should not wait for the world to come to you." Jorge Bergolio, S.J.


    Who are the ? Religiously unaffiliated are younger, more heavily male & more likely to be single. Demographics:

  34. "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." MLK= Christ, our light.


    “Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

  36. True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar. It comes to see that an edifice, which produces beggars, needs restructuring. MLK

  37. Maurier Sullivan, O.P. reflects in insightful podcast on VII. Good listening.

  38. Women have active share in whole life of society & urgent that they participate widely in various fields of Church's apostolate. AA #9, VII

  39. Preparing the top soil for new seeds: Pope Francis says women play a ‘fundamental’ role within the church via

  40. "Evangelists simply narrate what happened: the women were the first witnesses of the Resurrection are women. This is beautiful." @popechat


    “Women have a special role in opening doors to the Lord”: speaks on women in the Church via

  42. Francis’ call 2 Capovilla in memory of John XXIII coincides with anniversary of Pacem in Terris. Vatican Insider

  43. A suggestion that would speak volumes: Invite the homeless to the vacant papal apartments, feed & serve them, house them. Wow.

  44. Welcome Pope Francis! We appreciate your words but more important your deeds."Preach the Gospel. Use words when necessary." Amen!

  45. Listening deeply and richly without agenda or preconceived ideas. Pope Francis has lunch with Rome priests

  46. Less lace and more grace: Pope Francis gives reason to hope this Easter season | National Catholic Reporter:

  47. How do we share our resources so stories like this will cease? Afghan Debt's Painful Payment: A Daughter, 6

  48. Lovely evening reflection by Fr. James Martin, SJ. Vimeo: The Beauty of the Lilies via

  49. Easter hopeful thinking: Pope Francis invites homeless for Easter feast & serves with Curia in vacant papal apartments.

  50. Pope Francis 'homily @ Vigil focuses on women @ tomb, God's surprise & the encounter with risen Lord that changed them. Do not fear change.

  51. A pastor at heart:Pope Francis washes feet of 12 jailed minors, including two girls, at detention center via

  52. Love speaks louder than any rubric: Pope Washing the Feet of Women at Holy Thursday Mass via

  53. Great YouTube link of a poor urban parish included in this theological reflection. Lent ends quietly, Triduum begins

  54. Pool Francis' homily at Chrism Mass. Inspiring, poetic, poignant.

  55. On 'Spy Wednesday' keep in mind those people who may feel betrayed by the Church,loved ones & the world. Ubi caritas est vera Deus ibi est.

  56. Article offers other paradigm shifts beyond where Francis will spend HT: Pope Francis Goes To Jail via

  57. Christ knocks from within to reach all the world. Bergoglio's Intervention: A diagnosis of the problems in the Church

  58. From two beloved shepherds who showed us what the Church should look like, be like and act like. Shared Fruits of ...

  59. Vision of Vatican II on the rise: How Pope Francis can reform the Vatican Curia | National Catholic Reporter:

  60. Lady Poverty at its best:Papal Housing Arrangements that Would Please St. Francis via

  61. Very cool & succint article on the anthropology of Easter. Ask the Experts: Easter edition via

  62. Us: “Lord, how often must I forgive? As many as seven times?” Jesus: "Not seven times but seventy-seven times." Heart of the Gospel: mercy.


    On first tour of Papal Apartment (which he's now declined), Francis reportedly said it "could fit 300 people":


    I'm giving away THREE iOs download codes for the updated "Confession" app. Enter here! -->


    Earlier, Vatican said Francis wanted his living arrangements as Pope to reflect "simplicity and sharing."

  66. Blessings on Tuesday before Triddum. Praying well means planning ahead. Great liturgical resources for all seasons @

  67. Love justice,live justly, walk with God:Paul Ryan's budget undermines the best of America National Catholic Reporter:

  68. Jesuits surprised that first of their brethren is elected pope :: Diocese of Nashville (Nashville, TN) via

  69. Thanks for the follow from all of us here @ Roncalli Center!

  70. Acts speak: Editorial: Francis' election full of symbols, signs of new era | National Catholic Reporter:


    Homily for Palm Sunday Mass:

  72. Thanks for the follow Steve! I now follow you! Hope all's well with you. Keep in touch!

  73. +Preparing for tomorrow's diocesan retreat with Elect & candidates. "Baptism incorporates us into Christ & forms us as God's people." RCIA 2


    Pope stuns newsstand owner by calling to cancel home delivery

  75. Pastoral: Calif bishop temporarily withdraws belief requirement for school contracts | National Catholic Reporter:

  76. Gospel priority in action: Pope Francis to celebrate Holy Thursday Mass at juvenile prison—UPDATED via

  77. Welcome home Cardinal Sean! We continue to pray for you and for our new Pope Francis, a beautiful choice. Thank you!



  1. Go to Joseph, protector of one another, of creation, of the Church, of Christ, of the human world.

  2. We feel privileged 2 have walked the Scavi several times and prayed at the tomb of Peter with college students as we sang for JP II & BXVI.

  3. Bells chiming in St. Peter's square. Viva Papa Francesco in the Lord Jesus Christ!

  4. Sts. Francis & Joseph gave Rome a beautiful, sunny day of creation, a theme of the homily at Pope Francis' inauguration. Horizons of hope.

  5. Beautiful to see this new pope stand at the feet of Mary at the end of Mass during the Salve Regina, followed by the Te Deum.

  6. Welcome, Pope Francis I, who now walks in the shoes of the Fisherman. Tu es Petros, inaugurated on this Feast of St. Joseph, spouse of Mary.



  1. Ours is a new age of history with profound & rapid changes spreading gradually to all corners of the earth. Real change on every level. GS4

  2. In every age, church responsibly reads signs of the times & interprets them in light of the Gospel to carry out its mission. GS 4

  3. The Church as witness & guide throws the light of the Gospel for the whole human family through the Church & prompted by the Spirit. GS 3

  4. The joys and hopes, grief & anguish of the people of our time, especially of those who r poor or afflicted belong 2 Christ's followers. GS 1


2.23.13 Reflections on Fr.James Martin's Together on Retreat, on Evangelization in the Modern World & Lent. Nothing =Nothing 

2.20.13 EVANGELII NUNTIANDI (On Evangelization In The Modern World) Pope Paul VI,


2.20.13 In our day, what has happened to that hidden energy of the Good News, which is able to have a powerful effect on conscience? Evangeli Nuntiandi (On Evangelization in the Modern World). Paul VI

2.20.13 "To what extent and in what way is that evangelical force capable of really transforming the people of this century?" EMW, Paul VI. 

2.20.13 What methods will empower the Gospel's effect? Is Church better equipped 2 proclaim Gospel conviction, freedom of spirit & effectiveness?PVI

2.20.13 "We can all see the urgency of giving a loyal, humble and courageous answer to this question, and of acting accordingly." EMW, PVI. Act now.

2.19.13 Vatican II redefined a bishop's role, yet office of the bishop of Rome is unreformed. Exit Signs.

2.19.13 During Lent penance & reconciliation should be individual, external, social and encouraged. SC110. Find ways at A Concord Pastor at

2/13/13 A winner by Fr. James Martin, S_J. We love this! Be Kind … via @youtube

2/13/13 A beautiful and insightful reflection from our friend Greg Carpinello: Lent’s Liberation  
12 Feb Roncalli Center ‏@RoncalliCenter102 year old voter waited 6 hours to cast her vote. What an inspiration. #SOTU
12 Feb Roncalli Center ‏@RoncalliCenter Protection for children, all victims of gun violence deserve a vote. #SOTU
12 Feb Roncalli Center ‏@RoncalliCenter The right to vote. When we make people wait to cast their ballot, we deprive them of theory privilege. We will fix this.#SOTU
12 Feb Roncalli Center ‏@RoncalliCenter Equal treatment & benefits for military families, gay and straight. Thanks to Michelle and Jill for serving military families.#SOTU
12 Feb Roncalli Center ‏@RoncalliCenter Impoverished areas as their own power by using their gifts for America to be a beacon of transparency. Support stable transitions & peace.#SOTU
12 Feb Roncalli Center ‏@RoncalliCenter America must also face the threat of cyber attacks. We can not look back and say we did nothing. Safer standards expected. #SOTU
12 Feb Roncalli Center ‏@RoncalliCenter Bring home troops by January 2014. Continue to engage Congress in a transparent security against provocation from terrorist threat.#SOTU
12 Feb Roncalli Center ‏@RoncalliCenter Let's tie the minimum wage to the cost of living every year. Stronger families, stonger middle class is the backbone of our nation.#SOTU
12 Feb Roncalli Center ‏@RoncalliCenter Equal pay for women. In the wealthiest nation on earth, raise the minimum wage to 9$ an hour.#SOTU
12 Feb Roncalli Center ‏@RoncalliCenter The time has come 2 pass immigration reform. Paying taxes, learning English, cut waiting system. Send me the bill & I will sign it.#SOTU
12 Feb Roncalli Center ‏@RoncalliCenter Why are the Arts missing this SOTU? NOT INCLUDED IN THIS TALK WHATSOEVER. DISAPPOINTED.#SOTU
12 Feb Roncalli Center ‏@RoncalliCenter Cardinal Donald Wuerl sighted at the SOTU.
12 Feb Roncalli Center ‏@RoncalliCenter
High quality preschool available for every child in America. @sotu
12 Feb Roncalli Center ‏@RoncalliCenter What are we waiting for? Send me the bill!.#sotu
12 Feb CatholicTV Network ‏@CatholicTV Cardinal O'Malley gives remarks on #poperesigns @bostoncatholic
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12 Feb Roncalli Center ‏@RoncalliCenter Sede Vacante – the vacant seat. What happens now? Some basics from us. …
11 Feb Jesuit News ‏@jesuitnews
.@TheJesuitPost on the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI: 
11 Feb Pope Benedict news ‏@PopeBXVInews Pope Benedict XVI To Resign at End of Month, Vatican Says 
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11 Feb Roncalli Center ‏@RoncalliCenter
Pope Benedict, citing age, announces he will resign  via @wordpressdotcom


2/11/2013 Prayers for Pope Benedict XVI as he retires from papacy. 

2/6/2013 Nemo blizzard: pray for fishermen, police & fire agents, snow removers, health care & agents, homeless & all who care for them. Stay safe.

2/5/2013 Great fun. How to Write a Worship Song (In 5 Minutes or Less)  via 

2/5/2013 Worth Reading: French Bishops On Love and Gay Marriage 

2/5/2013 "Social media does not exempt us from the standards of human dignity." The new agora: social medi

1/24/13 "Be who you are and be that well." St. Francis de Sales. 

1/24/13 "Although the sacred liturgy is principally the worship of the divine majesty it like contains much instruction for the faithful." SC 33

1/24/13 Free and reproducable liturgical tool from FDLC: Mystagogical Reflection on the Collects of the RM3. 

1/22/13 Peace is more than absence of war but an effect of right order & thirst for justice. G&S "Who will hear our voice?" NCR 

1/22/13 "We are created in God's image, share Christ's nature & divine calling and destiny. Basic equality for all." G&S. Include the unborn.

1/22/13 Self evident truths: We are endowed by the Creator with unalienable rights: life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. Unborn included.

1/19/13 "New approaches based on reforms will give peace." GS 81Vatican Welcomes Obama Gun Control Proposal via @HuffPostRelig

1/19/13 "The first and most necessary gift is charity." LG 42 Lance Armstrong and the Human Need for Grace. Via Huffpost Religion. 

1/16/13 Fanning the flame of VII: This sacred Council desires to impart an ever increasing vigor to the Christian life of the faithful. SC 1

1/16/13 Fanning the flame of VII: This sacred Council desires to adapt more suitable to the needs of our own times those institutions which are subject to change. 

1/16/13 Fanning the flame of VII: This sacred Council desires to foster whatever can promote union among all who believe in Christ. 

1/16/ 13 Fanning the flame of VII: This sacred Council desires 2 strengthen whatever helps 2 call the whole of mankind into the household of Church. SC 1

1/16/13 Fanning the flame of VIIThe Council therefore sees particularly cogent reasons for undertaking the reform and promotion of the liturgy. SC 1

1/16/13 Establish political life on a human basis: encourage an interior sense of justice, good will & service 2 the common  73 

1/16/13 Prayers for the American President, leaders of nations and all who impact the common good. May we be one peoples under God.

1/14/13 Major principle of Vatican II Council: We believe in the inherent goodness of the world and all people. Christ will restore all to himself.

1/14/13 Several keys of VII Council: liturgical renewal, full emphasis on scripture, Church as the people of God, restoration of the catechumenate. 

1/14/ More keys of VII Council: restoring permanent diaconate, authority as service of love, ecclesial collegiality, ecumenism, religious liberty.

1/14/13 VII teachings are grounded in sacred scripture and present an updated vision of the Church and its role to restore all things to Christ.

1/14/13 "Documents of Vatican II are a compass with which to orient ourselves in the vast ocean of the third millennium." Blessed John Paul II 

1/14/13 "Vatican II documents remain timeless. Their teachings are especially pertinent to the new needs of the Church and globalized society." BXVI

1/1/13 Mission of the Church: People of God inserted into the history of humankind, entering into a true dialogue with world in the Gospel spirit.

1/1/13 Between Incarnation & Parousia, Church rediscovers her place in midst of humanity & cosmos: not reign of God attained but saving sacrament.

12/31/12 VII Touchstone and fiscal cliff: Christians engaged in economic, social progress & struggle for justice & charity contribute 2 prosperity of humanity.GS 72 

12/31/12 VII Touchstone: VII: Let them give a shining example to others with skill and experience,sense of values inspired by spirit of poverty.GS 72  

12/31/12 May all involved in fiscal cliff decisions be motivated to help all their brothers and sisters in justice, inspired by charity. GS 72 

12/29/12 Anniversary of The Massacre of Native Americans at Wounded Knee, South Dakota (1890). Respect for the human family & reconciliation.GS 

12/29/12  "Sing to the Lord a new song, sing to the Lord, bless God's name. He comes with justice and right." Psalm 98. David, c 970, Roman martyrology.

12/29/12 VII & fiscal cliff: Faith casts new light on everything, makes known God's ideal for us, guides minds toward fully human solutions. GS 11

12/29 Memorial: Thomas Becket, patron of the legal system. Pray for Congress as they address the fiscal cliff. Justice & truth, the bottom line.

12/28/12 The Holy Innocents "A voice heard in Rama, weeping & great mourning. Rachel weeping for her children, refusing to be comforted because they are no more." Mt 2:18

12/28/12  Feast of John the Evangelist -- VII Touchstone: Dei Verbum Prologue: "Hearing the word of God reverently and proclaiming it confidently, this holy synod makes its own the words of St. John." 1Jn1:2-3

12/27/12 VII & fiscal cliff: Faith casts new light on everything, makes known God's ideal for us, guides minds toward fully human solutions. GS 11

12.27.12 Feast of John, apostle, evangelist What we have heard, seen with our eyes, looked upon & our hands have touched -life. 

12.26.12 Stephen, first martyr (c.34). Deacon, servant and helper, welcoming witness of peace, love, justice in life and death. 

12/26/12 Les Miserables. Penned by God through Hugo's writing, this musical film art accesses grace in mercy, justice, forgiveness & love. Recommend!

12/25/12 " A voice is heard in Rama, crying and weeping, Rachel weeping for her children." Continue to pray this night for the people of Newtown, CT.

12/25/12 Because of his boundless love, Jesus became what we are that he might make us to be what he is. Iranaeus, 3rd century. Christmas blessings. 

12/24/12 Poignant liturgical environment, robust celebration in word and song, generous collection. Full conscious & active participation = Xmas joy.

12/24/12  Come Lord Jesus to all who hurt tonight, work tonight, go hungry tonight, despair tonight, are alone tonight, who mourn tonight. Come.Amen.

12/21/12 "Lord, you see my unworthiness; help me, you are my hope." December 20, 1902, Journey of a Soul

12/21/12 "Today I have done badly. What else could I have expected? Tomorrow, more attention and more trust in God." Angelo Roncalli, Dec 20,1902 Journey of a Soul 

12/21/12 "God is all: I am nothing. Let this do for today." Angelo Roncalli, December 16, 1902 from Journey of a Soul, p 96. 

12/21/12 VII Touchstone: The Gospels are our principal source & the life and teaching of the incarnate Word, our Saviour. Christ, our truth. DV 18,19

12/21/12 VII Touchstone:For when the time had fully come (Gal.4:4), the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth (Jn 1:14) DV 17

12/20/12 VII: Freedom is often crippled by extreme destitution and can also wither in ivory-tower isolation brought on by overindulgence.GS 31

12/20/12 VII Touchstone: Freedom is strengthened by accepting inevitable constraints of social life, undertake demands of human relationships & service. GS 31

12/19/12 VII Touchstone: Peace is the practice of respect & friendliness and the fruit of love, which goes beyond what justice can achieve. GS 78

12/19/12 VII Touchstone: Peace cannot be achieved on earth until we safeguard people's welfare in mutual trust, freely sharing our minds & gifts.GS78

12/17/12 VII Touchstone: Pastoral liturgical action calls for an enthusiastic restoration of liturgy as sign of God's providence in our time. SC 43

12/17/12 VII Touchstone: Sign of the Spirit in contemporary religious thought & action: liturgical competency & pastoral collaboration. SC 43-46

12/17/12 Critical turn in U.S. Church: Evangelization key to new pastoral plan in Boston | National Catholic Reporter: 

Other tweets on Feast of St.Lucy, 12/13/12

St. Lucy, courtesy of Mary MacArthur, Catholic Illustrators Guild. Reminiscent of Ghost of Xmas past. Parallels drawn?

St. Lucy's Lights, meteor Geminid shower/ Look for lights before dawn, 50 meteors an hour, the shooting stars of God.

12/13/12 Gaudium et Spes: connecting faith & justice, solidarity with the poor & all things that pursue the common good. God's reign.

12/13/12 Laity, living instruments of mission of church, salt of the earth & called to make the church present and fruitful. LG 33

12/12/12 Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Mary stands out among the poor and humble of the Lord who confidently hope for & receive salvation from him. LG 45 Holy Mary, pray for us. 

12/10/12: Roncalli on the Road: Vatican II Council 50 years later. Advent retreat, St. Anthony's Church, Mattapoisett, MA. See RC website for details.

12/10/12: Advent reflection: With labor pains, God pushes through the narrow birth canal of darkness & into a great Light that shines in the darkness.

12/10/12: Christ is the light of nations as the Church: sacrament, sign and instrument of communion with God & the human race. LG 1

12/10/12: Spirit dwells in the church & in hearts of the faithful as in a temple, prays & bears witness in them as God's children. LG 4 

12/8/12: Mary stands out among the poor and humble of the Lord, who confidently hope and receive salvation from God. Rejoice, O Daughter Zion! LG 55

12/8/12: From the instant of conception with the splendor of unique holiness, the virgin from Nazareth is hailed by the angel as full of grace. LG 56

12/7/12: Change, renewal, new developments within the Church come slowly and inevitably, with human struggle. The Spirit is at work.

12/7/12: In liturgical matters, emphasize a deeper appreciation of liturgical values, rethinking the Church's life of worship.

12/7/12: Emphasize community leading to action in the world and the church's role in transforming the world into the reign of God.

12/7/12: Regard for culture & diversity, adapt & encourage appropriate local custom and tradition where church exists or is planted.

12/6/12: Regard for all non-Christian faith traditions and the freedom of each human heart to choose its own path to God.

12/6/12: Christian unity creating a bridge on those beliefs that gather us into the household of the church, not divide us.

12/4/12: Hallmarks of SC: Mass in vernacular, presider and altar facing assembly, dialogue between assembly and presider, scriptures proclaimed.

12/4/12: 49th anniversary Sacrosanctum Concilium by Vatican II. Full conscious and active participation of liturgy by people at worship. SC 14

11/30/12: Scripture based church in liturgy theology and spirituality. At one table, word of God & body of Christ, all are fed. DV 21.

11/30/12: Spirit of God fully present & active in cultures, peoples, interactions, society, inviting respect & truth in our world.

11/29/12: A well informed conscience is a sanctuary between a person and God, sacred terrain where no one can control or interfere.

11/29/12: God desires to save all people, doing so through an active Spirit in the diversity of peoples & communities in the world.

11/29/12: Shared ecclesial ministry between ordained and lay pastoral ministers by virtue of the baptismal call to mission, service.

11/29/12: Full, conscious, active participation in liturgical and communal celebrations with collegiality and hospitality.

11/29/12: Church as mystery, the whole people of God called to holiness by virtue of their baptism to take on Christ, mind & heart.

11/28/12: "The Lord be with you." "And with your spirit." Today marks the one year anniversary of the implementation of the new Roman Missal.

11/28/12: It is the world as the theater of human history, bearing the marks of its travail, its triumphs and failures." GS 2 Christ in the world.

11/28/12: "The world which the council has in mind is the world of women and men, the entire human family seen in its total environment." G&S 2

11/28/12: Spare no effort to banish every vestige of social and political slavery & to safeguard basic human rights under every political system. G&S 29

11/28/12: "It is for public and private organizations to be at the service of the dignity and destiny of humanity." Gaudium et Spes, 29

11/27/12: "Physical violence, armed might, and political domination provide no solution to the serious problems that affect us." JXXIII

11/27/12: "The council now beginning rises in the Church like daybreak, a forerunner of most splendid light. It is now only dawn." John XXIII, 1959

11/27/12: Reclaiming the treasures in the wisdom of the past and possibilities for the future, the spirit of the Council.

11/27/12: Increase vigor of Christian life; adapt to the needs of the times; foster Christian unity; gather humanity into the church.

11/27/12: Essential elements of SC: In the liturgy, it is the whole assembly that celebrates, lay people who possess a baptismal priesthood.

11/25/12: "The council now beginning rises in the Church like the daybreak, a forerunner of most splendid light." John XXIII Happy birthday Papa Roncalli

11/25/12: Pastoral council; outreach to all Christians & the whole world; revitalize the church. Mission continues: Christ.

11/25/12: "There is only one fount of revelation, the Word of God, the good news announced by prophets and revealed by Christ." Vatican II, Dei Verbum

11/24/12: "The liturgy is the means whereby the faithful may express in their lives, and manifest to others, the mystery of Christ." SC 2 Happy feast!

11/23/12: Leitmotif for a new age and era in the Church: renewal,development, return to the source. 50 years post Counci, principles resound witness.

11/23/12: Increase vigor of faithful Christians;foster Christian unity; adapt to modern needs; draw all into household of Church. SC1

11/22/12: "The musical tradition of the universal church is a treasure of inestimable value, greater even than that of any other art." SC112