The Joy of the Eucharist with Tom Kendzia - March13, 2016

Perhaps you serve your parish or diocese in a particular ministry. Maybe you belong to a parish and want to enjoy an afternoon of spiritual refreshment and some really great music with a wonderful host community. Or maybe you've been away from a faith life and want to find a way back.

Whatever your reason, Tom Kendzia's presentation is a perfect opportunity to experience renewal during Lent through Tom's wonderful music and his knowledge and wisdom gainted throughout his many years as a pastoral musician and gifted composer. You'll love Tom's music, his easy going manner and his breadth of experience and stories. 

Feel free to share the poster from this website with your parish, your friends and family and someone who may need a bit of tendering. 

Many thanks to Our Lady of Assumption Parish in New Bedford, MA for hosting Tom Kendzia on March 13, 2016 at no cost whatsoever to participants. A generous gift. 

Lenten blessings. 


Tom Kendzia


Music and the Deacon 




Ministers of the Liturgy

Active, Conscious Participants or Passive, Entitled Bystanders?

How does the assembly at prayer - your church community experience the liturgical leadership of its pastoral ministers?

Does the community see witness the people named as leaders in the service of the liturgy actively and intelligently engaged?

Or does the community experience see passivity among ministers of the liturgy?

Does the community at public prayer perceive an entitled group of benefactors who only deign to do ministry as they serve as servers, ministers of hospitality, communion ministers, readers, collectors, sacristans, priests, deacons, religious educators, guides for the rite of Christian Initiation - the myriad of leadership that begins at what the Second Vatican Council describes the source and summit of our faith - the Eucharistic liturgy – the Mass?

How do parish leaders engage in the work of the people – the liturgy - as ministers and servants of the public prayer of the Catholic Church? 

Presented on June 1, 2015 at Our Lady of Assumption Parish in New Bedford, MA by Denise Morency Gannon, BMusEd., MA, CPS.

Denise serves as the director of the Roncalli Center, founded on October 11, 2012 on the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. Denise’s professional experience in the pastoral arts and music education spans over 45 years in elementary, middle and high school, Catholic parishes, three colleges, diocesan service in clergy formation and education and leadership for pastoral musicians.

Denise maintains several blogs and has served columnist and feature writer for numerous liturgical publications. She is a composer of original music and published with World Library Publications.